Best places to hike around Las Vegas

Going to Vegas to do some hiking is enough to set you apart from the crowd and even give you a mini adventurer’s badge. Everyone’s so concerned with the inner workings of the city and its luxurious structures that they’ll easily forget amazing sights can be found on the outskirts just as easily (provided you’re somewhat physically adept, that is). Not to mention, every knowledgeable individual will agree that all the best views of Vegas come from its surrounding natural areas. Here are some great places to hike around in Las Vegas.

Lone Mountain: Many find this to be the perfect hiking location in Vegas for several reasons. The hike is ‘short’, yet the mountain’s ascension is not without is challenges and will provide even the well-conditioned a good workout, especially when the sun is coming down hard. Don’t expect to see a lot of tall trees or lush nature, but the prairie still has its charms. Once you reach the top of the Lone Mountain, there’s plenty of stuff to do: enjoy a unique view of Vegas’ northern side, throw a nice isolated picnic or simply revel in the fact that you managed to climb a mountain.

Historic Railroad Trail: Don’t worry, no trains will be coming for you during your hike – the trail hasn’t been in use for a good few decades. It once served to guide trains around the city, but nowadays, it’s one of the top hiking destinations for lovers of the outdoors finding themselves in Vegas. The trail is also protected from heavy sun – if you prefer to stick to the shade, this is a great hike for you. Keep in mind that a good portion of the hike goes through fairly dark tunnels – if you’re claustrophobic, this trail might not be your idea of a good time.

Gold Strike Hot Springs: The hot springs aren’t the name of the hike – they’re more like the prize you’ll reach after quite an arduous journey. The trail starts around Hoover Dam and ends near Colorado River – there are a good few hours between the two points, so pack your bags well. This is an ideal hike for those looking for a challenge, tired of plain old walking – navigating the rocky formations throughout the hike will require stamina, balance and coordination. If it rains, you can expect the hike’s difficulty to be multiplied by several menacing points. Once you reach the beautiful and far-out Gold Strike Springs, though, it will all be worth it and then some.

Frenchman Mountain: A few slippery rocks aren’t enough of a challenge for you? In that case, feel free to head on over to Frenchman Mountain and enjoy a proper rock climb with all the dangers and difficulties you might expect from it. With a peak of over 4,000 feet, don’t expect to get by on walking alone – you’ll need at least some equipment to minimize your chances of going home in pieces. Once you make it to the top, you’ll understand why so many take this dangerous road – the view of Las Vegas from the top of Frenchman Mountain is considered to be the most complete one of the city, so be sure to bring your camera.

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3 Best shows to see while in Las Vegas

If you’re a performer of any kind, you probably dream of Vegas being your stage. When it’s not dealing cards and parting you with your savings, the city is home to some outstanding performances and iconic shows you can’t afford to miss during your trip there. From theaters and musicals to circus and all the way to magic tricks, seeing even a single Vegas show will be a remarkable experience. Here are 3 best Vegas shows if you’d like to kick it up a notch.

Cirque du Soleil: If you’ve heard of circus, you’ve heard of Cirque du Soleil and its many awe-inspiring shows. Circus performers from all over the world surely dream of making it to the Cirque and becoming part of one of the acts through skill and talent alone. As a member of the audience, you’re free from the pressure and dangers – sit back and enjoy the pinnacle of physical ability combined with perfect choreography. There’s no shortage of performances at the Cirque, as it features eight different shows, each of them having various acts that could be called must-see. Are you a fan of the life and work of Michael Jackson? Cirque du Soleil dedicates an entire show to the late, great king of pop, with dozens of talented individuals invoking his memory. Wanting something a bit more theatrical? Opt for the circus’ original performance called Mystére – each new minute might be a mystery, but whether you’ll have fun watching is not.

Celine Dion at Caesar’s Palace: After a year-long hiatus, fans and everyone else can finally enjoy the extraordinary singer in her full glory once again. The fact that one singer can ‘monopolize’ the stage of one of the most exclusive casinos in the world says a lot about her ability. Are you not a fan of Celine yet, or feel that there’s no way a single person can provide enough of a show? Prepare to change your mind, as Celine’s singing performances are accompanied with dozens of musicians and an entire orchestra to support her. Aside from her own hits, she’ll sing masterful covers of various well-known ballads from other renowned musicians, but let’s face it: you’re there to hear My Heart Will Go On live. For added effect, try and time a visit to the Titanic museum in the Luxor beforehand – can’t get a much more powerful one-two than that.

Penn & Teller: If you have a bit of a skeptical mind and have always wondered about some of the more popular magic tricks, don’t miss out on this dynamic duo if their live performance happens to align with your trip. How much can two performers do when one of them doesn’t even talk? The answer: a whole lot. The chemistry between these two skeptics, illusionists and crowd favorites is legendary, with Penn’s in-your-face persona being perfectly complemented by Teller’s mimes. If you’re lucky, you might even become one of the audience members they choose for their magic tricks during every performance – if you are, have no fear, as you’ll be in good hands.


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Site seeing in Vegas, what to visit

You can’t have Vegas without casinos – the iconic, frightening and (for many) unjust buildings looming over passersby. But what if you’re tired of gambling and want to see other, less commonly-enjoyed sights? One fantastic tip I’ll give you is get a limo to visit the sites in Vegas. They aren’t that expensive and you’ll thank me later.

The good news is: Las Vegas probably wouldn’t be a top tourist destination for people all over the world if green tables and poker faces was all it had to offer. You can have the time of your life in Vegas without ever entering the Strip, let alone dropping a dime on the slot machines to see if today’s your lucky day. Here are some ‘alternative’ sites to visit and marvel at while in Vegas.

The Mob Museum: Have you ever had a fascination with the Prohibition Era (ish) mobsters but were ashamed to indulge it? Do you long for the era of Tommy Guns, sharply-dressed shady men, oldtimer cars and a much shorter average lifespan than today? If so, don’t miss out on the Mob Museum in Vegas. It’ll give you a history lesson you’ll never forget without ever boring you with its presentations. You’ll learn a lot about all the famous mob figures of the Golden Era of mafia dealings without and get to keep your vitality, too.

Hoover Dam Bypass: Hoover Dam might not be on everyone’s ‘must-see’ list, but it’s an amazing sight that very few people regret making the trip for. You’ve no doubt heard of the Dam, and the bypass lets tourists from all over gaze upon the massive size of the structure and explore its inner workings. You heard that right – if you were ever curious about how Hoover Dam actually works, pay it a visit during open hours and get ready for some impressive engineering.

Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens: Okay, the notion of a botanical garden in Vegas and especially in its most famous casino doesn’t sound all that serious, but it’s true. Not only is it there, it’s one of the most beautiful urban gardens you’ll ever get a chance to see. The place no doubt provides welcome relief to many stressed-out gamblers on a daily basis, but it also treats every other visitor to some beautiful and oftentimes rare forms of flora and fauna.

Titanic Museum: If the movie made you shed a tear, don’t skip on this museum that highlights one of mankind’s most famously-doomed inventions. Visitors to the Luxor casino can take a break from all the action and explore this exact replica of the unfortunate ship from the inside. To make your visit even more worthwhile, the artificial Titanic has no shortage of authentic items that were collected from the actual floor post-sinking – tragic, yet no less interesting.

Limo ride throughout Vegas: What better sight to see in Vegas… than Vegas itself? It sounds like an advert, but it’s no less true – Vegas has so many stunning sites to see that you probably have no hope of covering them all even if your trip is a week-long one. A limo tour of the city is the closest you can get to achieving this, and you’ll also enjoy the VIP feeling while you’re spot-seeing – there’s no place for luxury like Vegas, after all.


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Top 4 casinos to go to in Las Vegas

Las Vegas and its casinos have been romanticized over the years to the point of myth. Stories of hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars routinely changing hands at the tables are widespread – as it always is with gambling, some get richer by these exchanges while others go broke (well, the house always gets richer, but we meant the players).

There’s lots of stuff to do in Vegas even if you abhor gambling, but chances are you won’t want to miss out on the world-famous Strip while there. It’s filled to the brim with high-class structures that will make your head spin (and possibly your wallet, too). Here are the top 4 casinos to go to during your trip to Vegas.

Bellagio: You can’t say “gambling prestige” without saying “Bellagio” somewhere in there, too. This is probably the most iconic casino in the whole world – remember us mentioning millions exchanging hands a few paragraphs above? Well, there’s no place more likely to host million-dollar poker tables than the Bellagio. If you ever watched movies that involve high-stakes gambling of any kind, you’ve probably seen the Bellagio in all its stunning architectural glory, so don’t miss it if you’re in the area.

MGM Grand: Many consider the Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand to be the Holy Trinity of Vegas casinos, no doubt in good part thanks to the Ocean’s movies – these are the casinos Danny Ocean and his crew choose to rob in a single night, setting themselves up for a whole lot of trouble later on. We don’t want to give you any bad ideas here, so we’ll just focus on how staggering the MGM Grand looks from the outside and feels on the inside. In fact, the casino’s great indoors offer a lot more than just gambling – it’s a famous arena for high-profile events, many of which involve physical combat. If you’re a fan of contact sports, watching a fight inside the MGM Grand will be a story to tell your grandchildren – provided you can get a ticket, that is.

Caesar’s Palace: This casino might not be part of the aforementioned ‘Holy Trinity’, but it’s no less epic of a place to visit. The mere fact that this casino is famous in such a ridiculously competitive place for gambling institutions makes it worthy of a visit, and it doesn’t take long to see why. The architecture of the place is certainly unique, invoking images of Ancient Rome in all its decadent glory. Hopefully, you won’t feel overcome by the spirit of a Roman emperor and choose to throw your gold (dollars) away, though.

New York, New York Casino: New York in the heart of Vegas might sound like a cramped ordeal, but this casino pulls it off masterfully. The casino and hotel structures are meant to give off a distinct Big Apple vibe whether you’re a tourist wanting to see both places in one go or a New Yorker longing for home. There’s also a replica of the Statue of Liberty to comfort you if the tables end up doing you wrong.

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Vegas Tips coming soon…

What happens in Vegas… gets posted here… just kidding. Vegas tips coming soon.

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