3 Best shows to see while in Las Vegas

If you’re a performer of any kind, you probably dream of Vegas being your stage. When it’s not dealing cards and parting you with your savings, the city is home to some outstanding performances and iconic shows you can’t afford to miss during your trip there. From theaters and musicals to circus and all the way to magic tricks, seeing even a single Vegas show will be a remarkable experience. Here are 3 best Vegas shows if you’d like to kick it up a notch.

Cirque du Soleil: If you’ve heard of circus, you’ve heard of Cirque du Soleil and its many awe-inspiring shows. Circus performers from all over the world surely dream of making it to the Cirque and becoming part of one of the acts through skill and talent alone. As a member of the audience, you’re free from the pressure and dangers – sit back and enjoy the pinnacle of physical ability combined with perfect choreography. There’s no shortage of performances at the Cirque, as it features eight different shows, each of them having various acts that could be called must-see. Are you a fan of the life and work of Michael Jackson? Cirque du Soleil dedicates an entire show to the late, great king of pop, with dozens of talented individuals invoking his memory. Wanting something a bit more theatrical? Opt for the circus’ original performance called Mystére – each new minute might be a mystery, but whether you’ll have fun watching is not.

Celine Dion at Caesar’s Palace: After a year-long hiatus, fans and everyone else can finally enjoy the extraordinary singer in her full glory once again. The fact that one singer can ‘monopolize’ the stage of one of the most exclusive casinos in the world says a lot about her ability. Are you not a fan of Celine yet, or feel that there’s no way a single person can provide enough of a show? Prepare to change your mind, as Celine’s singing performances are accompanied with dozens of musicians and an entire orchestra to support her. Aside from her own hits, she’ll sing masterful covers of various well-known ballads from other renowned musicians, but let’s face it: you’re there to hear My Heart Will Go On live. For added effect, try and time a visit to the Titanic museum in the Luxor beforehand – can’t get a much more powerful one-two than that.

Penn & Teller: If you have a bit of a skeptical mind and have always wondered about some of the more popular magic tricks, don’t miss out on this dynamic duo if their live performance happens to align with your trip. How much can two performers do when one of them doesn’t even talk? The answer: a whole lot. The chemistry between these two skeptics, illusionists and crowd favorites is legendary, with Penn’s in-your-face persona being perfectly complemented by Teller’s mimes. If you’re lucky, you might even become one of the audience members they choose for their magic tricks during every performance – if you are, have no fear, as you’ll be in good hands.


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