Best places to hike around Las Vegas

Going to Vegas to do some hiking is enough to set you apart from the crowd and even give you a mini adventurer’s badge. Everyone’s so concerned with the inner workings of the city and its luxurious structures that they’ll easily forget amazing sights can be found on the outskirts just as easily (provided you’re somewhat physically adept, that is). Not to mention, every knowledgeable individual will agree that all the best views of Vegas come from its surrounding natural areas. Here are some great places to hike around in Las Vegas.

Lone Mountain: Many find this to be the perfect hiking location in Vegas for several reasons. The hike is ‘short’, yet the mountain’s ascension is not without is challenges and will provide even the well-conditioned a good workout, especially when the sun is coming down hard. Don’t expect to see a lot of tall trees or lush nature, but the prairie still has its charms. Once you reach the top of the Lone Mountain, there’s plenty of stuff to do: enjoy a unique view of Vegas’ northern side, throw a nice isolated picnic or simply revel in the fact that you managed to climb a mountain.

Historic Railroad Trail: Don’t worry, no trains will be coming for you during your hike – the trail hasn’t been in use for a good few decades. It once served to guide trains around the city, but nowadays, it’s one of the top hiking destinations for lovers of the outdoors finding themselves in Vegas. The trail is also protected from heavy sun – if you prefer to stick to the shade, this is a great hike for you. Keep in mind that a good portion of the hike goes through fairly dark tunnels – if you’re claustrophobic, this trail might not be your idea of a good time.

Gold Strike Hot Springs: The hot springs aren’t the name of the hike – they’re more like the prize you’ll reach after quite an arduous journey. The trail starts around Hoover Dam and ends near Colorado River – there are a good few hours between the two points, so pack your bags well. This is an ideal hike for those looking for a challenge, tired of plain old walking – navigating the rocky formations throughout the hike will require stamina, balance and coordination. If it rains, you can expect the hike’s difficulty to be multiplied by several menacing points. Once you reach the beautiful and far-out Gold Strike Springs, though, it will all be worth it and then some.

Frenchman Mountain: A few slippery rocks aren’t enough of a challenge for you? In that case, feel free to head on over to Frenchman Mountain and enjoy a proper rock climb with all the dangers and difficulties you might expect from it. With a peak of over 4,000 feet, don’t expect to get by on walking alone – you’ll need at least some equipment to minimize your chances of going home in pieces. Once you make it to the top, you’ll understand why so many take this dangerous road – the view of Las Vegas from the top of Frenchman Mountain is considered to be the most complete one of the city, so be sure to bring your camera.

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