Top 4 casinos to go to in Las Vegas

Las Vegas and its casinos have been romanticized over the years to the point of myth. Stories of hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars routinely changing hands at the tables are widespread – as it always is with gambling, some get richer by these exchanges while others go broke (well, the house always gets richer, but we meant the players).

There’s lots of stuff to do in Vegas even if you abhor gambling, but chances are you won’t want to miss out on the world-famous Strip while there. It’s filled to the brim with high-class structures that will make your head spin (and possibly your wallet, too). Here are the top 4 casinos to go to during your trip to Vegas.

Bellagio: You can’t say “gambling prestige” without saying “Bellagio” somewhere in there, too. This is probably the most iconic casino in the whole world – remember us mentioning millions exchanging hands a few paragraphs above? Well, there’s no place more likely to host million-dollar poker tables than the Bellagio. If you ever watched movies that involve high-stakes gambling of any kind, you’ve probably seen the Bellagio in all its stunning architectural glory, so don’t miss it if you’re in the area.

MGM Grand: Many consider the Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand to be the Holy Trinity of Vegas casinos, no doubt in good part thanks to the Ocean’s movies – these are the casinos Danny Ocean and his crew choose to rob in a single night, setting themselves up for a whole lot of trouble later on. We don’t want to give you any bad ideas here, so we’ll just focus on how staggering the MGM Grand looks from the outside and feels on the inside. In fact, the casino’s great indoors offer a lot more than just gambling – it’s a famous arena for high-profile events, many of which involve physical combat. If you’re a fan of contact sports, watching a fight inside the MGM Grand will be a story to tell your grandchildren – provided you can get a ticket, that is.

Caesar’s Palace: This casino might not be part of the aforementioned ‘Holy Trinity’, but it’s no less epic of a place to visit. The mere fact that this casino is famous in such a ridiculously competitive place for gambling institutions makes it worthy of a visit, and it doesn’t take long to see why. The architecture of the place is certainly unique, invoking images of Ancient Rome in all its decadent glory. Hopefully, you won’t feel overcome by the spirit of a Roman emperor and choose to throw your gold (dollars) away, though.

New York, New York Casino: New York in the heart of Vegas might sound like a cramped ordeal, but this casino pulls it off masterfully. The casino and hotel structures are meant to give off a distinct Big Apple vibe whether you’re a tourist wanting to see both places in one go or a New Yorker longing for home. There’s also a replica of the Statue of Liberty to comfort you if the tables end up doing you wrong.

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